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Health Insurance Powder


Initially this product was developed to support people fighting cancer or wantng to prevent its recurrence.


However, due to the broad application of the herbs it contains, we realised it was useful for prevention and treatment of all chronic disease including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, adrenal exhaustion, autoimmune disease and dementia to name a few.


What we didn't expect but soon discovered after trying the product was the dramatic increase in energy.  The formula has very strong synergy, which means the net effect is more than the sum of its parts.  Each herb actually increases the effect of the other herbs dramatically increasing the power and potency of the medicine.


The formula is Certified Organic - Green Tea, Spirulina, Siberian Ginseng, Astragalus and Wild Crafted - Cats Claw and Reishi Mushroom. 

The Ultimate Liver Detox


This product is designed to provide the nutrients required by phase 2 liver detoxifcation.  When this is sluggish toxins build up in the body leading to poor sleep (especially waking at 1-3am and waking unrefreshed and achy), headaches, irritability, poor stress tolerance, skin rashes and acne, low appetite and nausea.


It contains N-acetyl cysteine to increase GLUTATHIONE, the primary liver antioxidant. Low levels of glutathione lead to increased risk of cancer and accelarates the aging process.


We also use a patented form of broccoli sprout powder which contains active sulforaphane, the enzyme required to switch to process of liver detox ON.  Most broccoli sprout powders use inappropriate processing techniques resulting in denaturing of the enzymes.


This is a great supplement to start the day and wake the liver up and a great one to take before bed to ensure an uninterrupted nights sleep.

Bowel Detox


We like to call our bowel detox "COLONIC IRRIGATION IN A CAPSULE".  The main ingredient is magnesium oxide.  Unlike other forms of magnesium this is not absorbed and passes through into the large intestine where it has an OSMOTIC effect, pulling water into the bowel.  This then swirls around and softens and removes hardened material and plaque from the bowel wall.


A history of constipation is the main reason for prescribing this product.  When bowel motions are infrequent or inadequate, fecal material is left behind forming a hard layer on the bowel wall.  This is reabsorbed into the body as the bowel reabsorbs water creating a high level of toxicity.


Regular laxatives stimulate the bowel wall to move to empty the bowel but don't address this hardened layer.  We liken it to burning food on the fry pan, you need to soak it in water to soften and remove the layer.  Hence the use of magnesium oxide.  We also use aloe vera and turkish rhubarb to gently stimulate the bowel and restore normal function.


This is a great first step to any detox program and is essential for effective treatment of parasites, candida and dysbiosis.



Hair Regrowth Formulas

These address the four main reasons for hair thinning, STRESS, POOR CIRCULATION, NUTRIENT DEFICIENCY AND HORMONAL PROBLEMS.  Usually hair loss is due to not one but all of these factors.


The formulas both contain SILICA and ZINC, the main minerals important for growth and strength of all connective tissue including bone, cartilage, nails, collagen and of course hair follicles.  


HORSETAIL is a herb traditionally used to strengthen hair and preserve the elasticity of connective tissue, it is high in naturally occuring silica.


OAT GRASS is a herb used to strengthen the nervous system and increase stress tolerance.  It helps you to feel calm and in control and can improve sleeping.

It is also very nutrient rich, high in B-vitamins, iron, zinc and manganese.


ROSEMARY and GINGER are used to boost the circulation.  If you get cold hands and feet you will also have inadequate supply of blood to deliver nutrients to hair follicles.


The yellow bottle contains IODINE, this is to support thyroid function.  Low thyroid is the number one reason for hair thinning in women, however it can also affect men.


The blue bottle is specifically for the guys.  It contains SAW PALMETTO which prevents the metabolism of testosterone to DHT which causes male pattern baldness (and prostate problems).



Citrulorn Powder

Citulorn has been formulated to help reduce blood pressure, increase nutrient delivery to muscles, and to regulate and strengthen the heart.


It contains Citruline - an amino acid extracted from the rind of water melon which is now being used to assist in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction and for the 'over 50's' males who want to build up muscle strength and size.


This is made possible by its ability to dilate the blood vessels that deliver nutrients to muscle tissue. The dilation effect contributes to better erectile function. Beetroot powder works with the Cituline to facilitate the opening up of the blood vessels via NITRIC OXIDE pathways.


Hawthorn berry specifically opens up coronary arteries and strengthens the heart muscle without increasing the beat or raising blood pressure. Consequently, it enhances exercise duration. 


All these qualities makes this supplement vital for heart health and provides a 'youth elixir' effect for the older male.